5 Easy Painting Tips For Home Decorating

Published: 05th May 2010
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You will have heard of the expression, that a lick of paint makes a room look as good as new. Well, it certainly can work out to be true. If you want to build a color story to suit your renovated home design or revamp an existing home decor then you need to review these 5 easy tips for your modern make-over.

#1 - Picking colours

The first tip for decorating is to pick colours that compliment each other and to build a color story for the whole room rather than working on walls and areas in isolation. That probably seems obvious but if you painting a living room, you'll want to map out the overall theme before you start. Its not a bad idea to set out to buy all the paint you'll need for that room all in one go.

Every colour story should tie in with your home's existing furnishings. If you want to capture the mood of the moment and tie in a well thought out color scheme then you should pick three handpicked colour stories to make your home lovelier and more fashionable.

#2 - Use Free Samplers and Swatches

Use color sample swatches to take home and access how a paint color will look on the walls. Or, grab some free colour paint samplers, take them home and paint them on the walls. That way you'll see how they really look in all stages of the day light. Plus you'll know if you need to paint an undercoat.

#3 - Putting What Where

The most successful, harmonious and livable colour schemes keep the more muted neutral colours on walls and paint the bolder, stronger shades to feature walls. This way you acheive colour layering.

#4 - Colour ideas

Here's a few color combinations to inspire. If your home decor already uses cream, tan, or grey furnishings then a Wheat field colour paint is best. Paint with a permafrost colour on walls and ceiling. Use silkpetal or grainseed colours as feature walls with a duststorm accent in the hallway or as a canvas on the feature walls. A botanica colour scheme can work great if your home has yellow, green or putty coloured furnishings.

#5 - Paint Eco-Friendly

Being environmentally sensitive can even be applicable when painting your home. Going green doesn't mean you actually paint your home a green colour - the colour of the environment. Grab a bucket of paint that has been tinted with the special ecotint colourant known for its low environmental impact.

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